Metaverse (web)

Prototypes for web-based metaverse experiences.

Spatial audio

A quick proof of concept (POC) for a web-based metaverse experience.

This prototype is a simple demonstration of spatial audio. Notice how as you walk closer to objects they get louder, and sound moves from left to right as you navigate.

Try it out ➜
We are applying the knowledge gained to our other projects and ideas related to an interactive 3D world featuring games, TV, music, and more.

Open source, web based tools

The prototype was built with Babylon. ➜

Prototype assets were built using Blender. ➜

Check out Kosmi and Ronday

For a more advanced Metaverse experience, check out our Ronday project.

Imagine how this could integrate with our 2D entertainment app, Kosmi.

An interactive 3D metaverse where you can hang out with friends, watch TV, play games, listen to music, and work collaboratively is not far off.

We’re eager to collaborate with others.

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