AI based real time language translation for any virtual meeting software.

Bilingual conversation on any meeting platform

Install LanguageBuddy to your system tray to use it with any communication platform. Just select the LanguageBuddy microphone in your favorite meeting platform and you’ll have instant speech translation for many different languages. It works with Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and many more.

For two-person calls, only one person needs to install LanguageBuddy. One person can translate both inbound and outbound audio.

See how it works

We can customize LanguageBuddy to meet your needs.

LanguageBuddy can also include a practice mode where users can chat with an AI / LLM and learn other languages in a conversational setting. 🤖

LanguageBuddy can be connected to different third-party AI models. For example, Google’s Cloud Translation API works well for casual conversations, but perhaps you have your own model specifically trained on medical or legal terminology. Or perhaps you are interested in connecting it to one of the many popular open-source Large Language Models.

LanguageBuddy is a virtual audio device that can be customized for other use cases as well. Think of it as a transformer that can capture your microphone and transform its output in any way you desire, such as removing noise, applying a voice changer, or adding effects, before routing it into any application that requires a microphone input—from meetings and podcast recordings to voice and video messages, in-game voice chat, and more.

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