A pool of experts to extend your team

Consider us your resident audio experts solving difficult audio problems. We can also design and develop your project from the ground up and provide an extra hand—or several—to your team, collaborating with your engineers and keeping in regular contact via video calls, Slack channels, or the app we're developing together. We prefer an agile approach.

Custom Development

We have developed new apps and SDKs from scratch, as well as jumped into existing projects with hundreds of engineers and projects already reaching millions of users. We can handle your audio pipeline as well as general feature development. We stick to projects in our domain of expertise, but the scope of services we provide to these projects is as broad as you need it to be. We’ve gotten our hands dirty with specialized hardware, software, and proprietary systems. We’ve worked with small startups through Fortune 100 companies.


We stick to our domain of expertise so that we know it better than anyone else. That means we can contribute ideas, existing tech, lessons learned, and deep domain knowledge to your project. If we’re really excited about your project, we’re open to different styles of partnership. We are a team of entrepreneurs and makers.

Consulting and Go-to-Market Partnership

We can handle your engineering needs, but we also add value in many other ways. We have helped build business cases, make introductions, and build entirely new businesses. We are innovators and we understand the many parts that need to come together to build a new product. We can help with each part, as well as help to assemble them.


You've got an idea ➔

We can design, prototype, and take it to production.

You need an idea ➔

We have many, and we’re willing to collaborate with the right partners.


We love building cool things.