Sound Technology

An innovation & software development studio focused on audio, entertainment and online collaboration.


We are Software Engineers and Audio Experts

Synervoz is a software development company focused on projects with complex audio requirements. We specialize in voice, video, music, and other audio technologies across all platforms including phones, desktop, web, embedded, and gaming consoles.

We design, develop, and co-create apps and SDKs for other companies but we also have our own apps and SDKs that can be licensed.

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Custom Development

We have developed new apps and SDKs from scratch, as well as jumped into existing projects with hundreds of engineers and scale reaching millions of users.

New Product Innovation

We have worked with R&D teams to develop projects from prototype through production.

Product Conceptualization and Co-development

We bring fresh ideas that we can build alone, or as an extension of your team. We can also bring our existing tech to the table.

Custom Design

You have an idea. We can help design & prototype it to help get buy in from stakeholders or investors.

Go-to-market and Partner Introductions

We have made introductions, built business cases, and started entirely new companies. We are the experts in our industry, and we enjoy supporting innovation.

Our Focus

We build products end to end, therefore we do a lot more than just audio. But we focus on four main product categories.

01/ Voice, Video and Hangouts

If you have a product with voice or video chat, we can help. We’ve worked on simple projects that use tools like Agora / Daily / Tokbox as well as built custom webRTC solutions. We also pioneered new communication modes like drop-in, handsfree intercom, and worked on many communications projects including text, push to talk, and other communications technologies.

02/ Music and Podcast

Whether your customers are making music or listening to it, it’s in our domain. We pioneered listening parties with voice and video chat and obtained our first patents around this use case. We have lots of pre-existing tech and experience to leverage including integrations with streaming services like Spotify, Dash Radio, YouTube Music and live broadcast streams.

03/ Watch Parties, Games and Social Apps

Audio challenges abound when you’re trying to talk while watching or playing something together. Noise suppression, echo suppression, masking, voice detection, etc. We can help with these issues, or build the whole thing for you. One of our co-development projects, Kosmi, allows users to watch any streaming service and play a variety of games together, all with voice, video, and text chat.

04/ Remote Collaboration and Metaverse

We cut our teeth building a social audio product for remote workers. We pioneered drop-in-audio at work, audio transcripts for Slack, listening to music together at work, and other awesome use cases. We’ve also worked on virtual offices and other metaverse projects. We think there’s huge potential here and we love working in this space.

05/ Hardware and Embedded

Whether you're building headphones, speakers, a smart TV, a streaming device, or any other hardware product, you are likely dealing with challenging constraints: limited compute, memory footprint, power consumption, and more. We can do the necessary customization, optimization, and testing to adapt your software to new form factors. We can also help design and build your software solution from scratch, whether it's firmware, middleware, or a companion app for higher level platforms like iOS / Android / mac / Windows or a smart TV.


Synervoz also has its own products. Our Switchboard brand houses our core product offerings.

SDK and Developer Tools

An easy-to-use cross-platform audio SDK for fast audio app development.

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White Label

We offer White Label solutions for rapid prototyping and testing, as well as customized options using our SDK and support services.

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Switchboard App

Developed in-house, our social audio app allows users to talk to each other while listening to music. Great for working remotely, cyclists, and a bunch of other use cases. These days we mostly use it as a sample app, but we can also use it as a starting point for your project.

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We love building cool things.