Sound Technology

An innovation & software development studio focused on audio, entertainment and online collaboration.


We are software engineers and audio experts

Synervoz is a software development company focused on projects with complex audio requirements. We specialize in voice, video, music, and other audio technologies across all platforms including mobile, desktop, web, embedded devices, and gaming consoles.

We consult, design, develop, and co-create features, apps, SDKs, and physical products with our customers.

Synervoz also has its own suite of products including the Switchboard SDK.

Our team can help you achieve your product goals

Custom development

We have developed new apps and SDKs from scratch, as well as jumped into existing projects with hundreds of engineers, scaling to reach millions of users.

New product innovation

We have collaborated with R&D teams to innovate and develop projects from prototype through production.

Product conceptualization and co-development

We don’t guard our ideas; we share them with equally passionate development partners and co-develop them under various models.

Product design

You have an idea. We can help research, design and prototype it to help get buy-in from stakeholders or investors.

Go-to-market and partner introductions

Our domain expertise positions us to provide strategic advice, make introductions, build business cases, and establish new companies.

Audio solutions

We specialize in audio software products and features, particularly those addressing real-time audio challenges. Our expertise is unrivalled in products that intersect audio, online collaboration, and entertainment:

1/6 - Voice, video and hangouts

Specialized solutions for:

  • Voice and video chat products

  • Custom WebRTC solutions

  • Innovative communication technologies such as drop-in and handsfree intercom.

2/6 - Music and podcast

  • We pioneered the listening party

  • Invented 'smart ducking' and ‘3D ducking’

  • Built experiences to share and synchronize music

  • Created new karaoke experiences

Leverage our existing tech stack to make your audio sound better, or to streamline integration with services such as Spotify, Dash Radio, YouTube Music, and live broadcasting platforms like OBS, Millicast (, and Amazon IVS.

3/6 - Watch parties, games and social apps

Complex audio challenges arise when combining voice or video chat with other media sources such as games, TV, social videos, and anything else with sound. Synervoz has unique technologies and expertise to help address noise, echo, voice detection, ducking, spatial audio, and more.

We’ve also designed, built, and operated our own products, giving us unique insights on everything from user experience to licensing and business models.

4/6 - Remote collaboration and metaverse

  • We built “Slack for Audio”

  • We have a 3D virtual office platform

  • We build metaverse spaces with spatial audio

  • Virtual concerts, TVs, arcades, and other venues

  • Customizable 2D and 3D online collaboration spaces

  • Web-first, Unity, or Hardware-specific

5/6 - Hardware and embedded

Customization and optimization of software to tackle hardware constraints such as limited compute, memory, and power. We also offer a comprehensive range of design and development services for firmware, middleware, and companion apps across all platforms. Headphones, speakers, VR/AR, and more.

6/6 - Pro audio

In addition to software engineers, the Synervoz team is made up of musicians, DJs, and producers. We combine our musical expertise with software engineering precision to cater to audio professionals, musicians, and hardware manufacturers. Whether it's building plugins, high-end devices, or a next gen digital audio workstation (DAW), we empower your creativity.

Products spotlight

A suite of our own products and works in progress

Switchboard SDK

Our flagship product. An easy-to-use cross-platform SDK for audio software development. It includes a no-code editor to design audio pipelines, test them in the browser, and deploy instantly to multiple platforms.


Ronday is our metaverse building platform. It includes multiple 3D spaces, multiplayer communication with spatial audio, video, screen sharing, and more. It can be customized to your needs.

Venture Studio

Our venture studio encompasses various projects: past, present, and future. We’re always interested in collaboration and co-development opportunities, so reach out if anything looks interesting!

We love building cool things.