Exploring the Frontiers of Neural Audio: Insights from ADCx

In a recent presentation at ADCx, Kieran Coulter, Senior Engineer and Lead Architect at Synervoz, delves into neural audio digital signal processing (DSP), providing particular insights into the challenges of optimizing neural audio processors in practical applications. With a focus on the neural audio landscape and real-time performance, Coulter offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in the area.

  • Coulter discusses the tools and frameworks commonly used in designing neural audio models, including PyTorch, Tensorflow and the RTNeural inferencing toolkit.

  • He also presents a workbench of familiar neural DSPs Spleeter and Basic Pitch, showcasing the quantifiable improvements achieved and discussing practical implications of neural DSP chaining.

  • Finally, Coulter introduces Neural Player, an innovative application that synchronizes audio with extracted stem MIDI playback, enabling users to appreciate the results of neural audio processing in an intuitive manner. He concludes with a glimpse into future areas of improvement, including introducing biases for target frequency ranges and the integration of neural audio solutions into consumer applications like media players and show control.

You can watch the presentation below.

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