Switchboard Lite

Where social audio meets sound technology.
Switchboard Lite is a simplified reincarnation of the original Switchboard (1.0) app.

Years ago, Synervoz changed its focus from building the Switchboard app to building the Switchboard SDK and other developer tools.

The Switchboard Lite app is built on top of the Switchboard SDK and is an example of the types of products that are much easier to build with our SDK.

See how it works

Switchboard app’s original marketing video.

Note: All features mentioned exist in the Switchboard SDK. The current Switchboard Lite app has a subset of these features as described below.

Music + intercom

The core aspects of Switchboard were the Intercom, and the Music.

The intercom allows for drop-in audio chat. So, if your friend is sitting there listening to music, you can just “drop in” on them and start talking. The music “ducks” (reduces in volume) automatically when someone speaks (voice detection).

The music is currently provided by Dash Radio. Because of this, it’s synchronized by default if you’re on the same station as your friend. And nobody needs to log in or authenticate with Spotify Premium.

The original version of Switchboard also had Spotify integration, hands-free voice commands, and many other features. All of these are still available if desired.

Switchboard Lite is a great starting point for building new experiences.

Some of the apps and use cases we’ve considered include:

  • Remote Work

  • Running, Cycling, Motorcycling

  • Fitness, Skiing & Outdoor Activities

  • Listen Parties & other social use cases

We’re excited to partner and bring these use cases to life faster than anyone else can. Learn more about the original version of Switchboard 1.0, featuring bite-sized demo videos.

We encourage developers and partners to get in touch to discuss customizations and co-development opportunities.

Explore the Switchboard Lite app for yourself.

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