Slack for X

A series of prototypes and proof-of-concepts that revolve around Slack and instant communication

Slack for audio

See how we integrated our Switchboard 1.0 app audio messaging within Slack, often dubbed "Slack for Audio," thanks to its capability to monitor multiple audio channels simultaneously.

Users could seamlessly switch between these channels using voice commands, enhancing communication efficiency.

Additionally, users could leave voice messages in the app that would automatically post (both the voice message and its transcript) in the corresponding group's Slack channel.

“Slack for X” / “Discord for X”

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) pioneered the use of channels

in the context of digital communication. Slack focused on workplace communication, Discord on gaming.

We see an opportunity to extend this concept to new verticals. While Discord servers are ideal for community building, content companies seeking broader reach may prefer custom platforms, as shown in the following examples.

Fun Fact: Switchboard was the first app with VoIP + Music + ducking.

Before Discord, which later introduced a similar Spotify integration.

Music Channels

We aren’t sure why Slack doesn’t have music channels yet. We first pitched it many years ago, before the Huddles / Chime partnership was inked. And we, among many others we’ve spoken with, think Music channels for Slack would be a killer feature. As would other types of channels where you could watch, play, and create together.

Nevertheless, below is some inspiration. While Spotify would be a killer integration for Slack, it comes with annoyances and limitations given not everyone has Spotify Premium. So, as an MVP, we propose music that everyone would have access to right away.

Radio has advantages in this regard. AI Generated music opens up more possibilities here -- some ethical / legitimate, others perhaps less so.

Creating an audio channel

Users would start by selecting a category for their audio channel.

Music channel

Users could communicate in real time while listening to a synced playlist on Spotify or other music app.

Collaboration space

Users could communicate in real time casually or in meetings with designated speakers/presenters.

Watch Party & Game Channels

Discord is moving in an inspiring direction, but it is constrained from making major design changes that would alienate its existing user base. As such, it’s hard to make an app that’s purpose designed around specific use cases.

We see an opportunity for content owners to build their own platforms for watching, playing, or experiencing that content together.

E.g. “Slack for Sports” is illustrated here.

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