Our metaverse building platform, for connection and collaboration in shared 3D spaces.

Rich media integrations for work or play

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Ronday's product fit

Synervoz is building the technology stack to enable new social experiences such as watch parties, listen parties, playing games, and attending live events together online.

3D online spaces (aka “the metaverse”) are increasingly becoming the UI paradigm that will dominate this behavior.

Our acquisition of Ronday, formerly a Synervoz customer, accelerates a number of initiatives we are undertaking in this space.

Real time voice and video

Synervoz added an improved audio pipeline to enhance robustness while simultaneously eliminating noise and echo issues. In addition, the VoIP pipeline needed to interface with the 'in-game' audio system (ambient audio for sound effects produced by objects in the 3D space, such as a boombox or TV).

Spatial audio

Spatial audio is another important component of virtual spaces. We needed to consider not only how to create realistic environment with respect to directional audio, occlusion, reverb, and attenuation, but also how VoIP connections would scale as more participants entered the space.

Synervoz delivered a robust, cross-platform audio pipeline capable of mixing and managing various audio channels at scale, and continues to make improvements to the platform.

We can customize and deploy your own version of Ronday.

Turn it into a 3D / virtual:

  • Concert venue

  • Movie theatre

  • Arcade, casino, or gaming space

  • Sports bar

  • Meeting, event, or conference space

  • Cafe or coworking space

  • Creative, recording, or production studio

  • Trivia venue

or just about anything else!

Interested in a partnership or co‑development?

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