A social hub with a passionate community of over 200K MAUs who come together to enjoy all things entertainment.

Real time voice and video

Kosmi is a fully functional platform and responsive web app that brings together TV, movies, games, music, and other apps, all in one place. Features include:

  • Voice Chat

  • Video Chat

  • Watch Parties

  • Gaming

  • Other Activities

An entertainment app that does it all

Customization for your business

Kosmi can be used as a starting point for different types of businesses and purposes.

White label

Launch a lightly customized version of Kosmi on your domain for your community, such as:

  • Businesses wanting their entertainment hub for employees

  • Events companies

  • Film festivals


Use Kosmi’s technology to power a multiplayer experience in your product:

  • For startups & technology companies

  • For streaming services and other content owners

Kosmi is flexible, portable, and completely customizable.

Kosmi is an independent entity and Synervoz is a shareholder.

Interested in a partnership or co‑development?

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