Instant Intercom

“James, get me those TPS reports.”


One of the things we realized with the Switchboard App was that for drop-in audio communication to work, it needs to be a lot faster than texting.

When you’re working in the same room as someone, it’s much faster to talk than text. (For now let’s put aside the issue of whether someone wants you to drop in / interrupt them.)

We’ve experimented with different mechanisms that make it extremely fast to reach your teammate, friend, or whomever.

See how it works

Flic buttons

Each button is tied to a specific person. You could tap to drop in for a real time audio call, or press and hold to leave a voice message

Voice commands (Alexa)

Commands which could be through your phone, or Alexa-powered devices.

Respond function

This shows how frictionless it is to respond when someone starts talking to you.

Additional mechanisms

Keybind shortcuts

Keybind shortcuts if you’re using Switchboard on your laptop (we also had Slack shortcuts).


For example a bracelet or phone feature that recognizes specific gestures you make with your hand.

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