Buddy Speakers and Headphones

Bringing Switchboard to more platforms.


Buddy Speakers and Headphones leverage a number of software concepts and features built into the Switchboard Apps and SDK, including:

True cross-platform

The Switchboard user experience is great on mobile phones and laptops. But there are limitations.

By building Switchboard into hardware, limitations are overcome and the user experience extends to use cases and devices where they make the most sense:

  • Watch parties on the TV in your living room

  • Drop-in audio on your smart speakers

  • Hands-free experiences with headphones that aren’t limited by Bluetooth issues

A source separation approach for 2+ people to share media while still being able to talk through their headphones.

Shared listening and watching on smart speakers:

Demo shown uses the Switchboard 1.0 app.

Speakers become social devices

Whether it’s listening to music or watching TV together (in a watch party), or playing games together, integrated VoIP functionality turns smart speakers into social devices.

When coupled with a companion app that cleverly integrates features like presence detection, connecting and synchronizing media like Spotify and Netflix, as well as positional audio to make it feel like you’re in the same room together, Buddy Speaker and Headphones take Switchboard to the next level.

Presence features

Lighting on the connected speakers/hardware lets users see who is available in the channel or room.

Concept extensions

Buddy headphones and mic array (turns any speaker into a social device).

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