Staff Augmentation

An extension of your team with access to our entire pool of experts.

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Synervoz has unparalleled expertise, engineering talent, and a decade of experience in building audio products from concept through deployment.


Our domain

Software development for audio, media, entertainment, and online collaboration.

Our team of engineers specializes in audio software projects as well as the overall products and industries where audio is a key component. These include ->

If more than one of these is included in a single product, even better. We have unique expertise and IP for use cases in which real time communication (RTC) comes together with other media, such as music, TV / streaming services, games, and other activities.

Competitive advantage

We focus on projects within our domain to further enhance our competitive advantage as the largest pool of independent audio software development experts outside major players like Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, Bose, etc. For these companies, we provide access to an additional talent pool, offering increased flexibility and agility.

Our capabilities

1. Software development

Whether it’s mobile, desktop, web, embedded, or something else, if it touches our domain, we can help.

See our Software Engineering services.

2. Ideation and design

We can help design your product from research through to testing, prior to building it.

See our White Label services.

3. Consulting

We understand the market and user behaviors in our domain. We also understand the competitive landscape, legal constraints, economics, and have a solid network of potential partners we can leverage.

Versatile expertise

Once we start working with you, our capabilities span the full stack, allowing us to provide additional support to help expedite any of your most urgent issues.

 You’re building a listening party app; our collaboration initially focuses on the complex audio components. However, our assistance isn't limited to this area; we can also help resolve general bugs or get non-audio features out the door faster.

We function as an extension of your team and work alongside your engineers, generally using shared Slack channels to work together on a day-to-day basis.

Full-time equivalents (FTEs)

Not only can we act as an extension of your team, but we can draw upon a broader pool of experts, and we have the flexibility to involve different members of our team. 

Rather than assigning specific individuals, we typically use the concept of FTEs—full-time equivalents. While that might mean that we dedicate some or all of an engineer’s time to your project for a specific set of tasks, it also provides the flexibility to involve someone else if that person is better suited to a particular task, to fill in gaps when someone is unavailable, or to speed things up to meet an important deadline. 

We can offer fractional FTEs or multiple FTEs.


$5,000 / month

Staff Augmentation services start at $5,000 per month. Hourly rates decrease for longer duration contracts and higher numbers of FTEs.

Project based and hourly

Synervoz also offers tailored hourly consulting services designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring personalized solutions at competitive rates.

Reduce cost and time to market (TTM)

Any of our services can be integrated into solutions that use our SDK and/or pre-existing source code. This can help reduce hours and TTM.

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