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Custom development services for companies within our domain of expertise.

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Synervoz works with companies building products for media, entertainment and online collaboration. Especially those with advanced audio software engineering requirements.

Any platform, any issue

While we have unique expertise in real-time audio software development, we can ultimately work across any part of your stack on any feature or task, whether audio-related or otherwise. 

Some of the technologies we work with

This is not an exhaustive list. Get in touch if you have particular requirements or technologies to inquire about.


iOS: Swift, Objective-C
Android: Kotlin, Java, Android NDK, JNI
React Native, Flutter

Desktop, web, backend

C++, Javascript, Typescript
Node.js, Next.js
React, Angular, Vue
MongoDB, Post greSQL
Websockets, Elastisearch
AWS, Google, Azure cloud services
Symfony, Drupal
Java, Ruby
Docker, Kubernetes
Python, Matlab

Audio tools and frameworks

JUCE, Superpowered, AudioKit
Audio Units, CoreAudio, AAudio
AudioWorklets, WebAudio, ToneJS
Machine learning techniques for audi
TensorFlow, ONNX
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
webRTC / XMPP / VoIP services
Faust, Supercollider


SOCs and chipsets for headphones and speakers:
Embedded Linux
Yocto Linux
Porting and optimizing ML models
Xtensa HiFi DSPs for audio, voice, and speech (HiFi 4 and HiFi 5)
ARM Cortex

Additional platforms

Nintendo, Playstation, XBox
Smart TVs
VR Headsets


DevOps, CI/CD
App Store Distribution
Opsec / infosec / appsec
Agile methodologies
Figma ideation, design, & rapid prototyping
Testing & ongoing support

We are not just developers

We are entrepreneurs

What sets us apart:

  • Our Story sets us apart from other alternatives or agencies, giving us a competitive advantage in our industry.

  • Our products—which include our Switchboard SDK, as well as new experiences that we design, prototype, and co-develop with our partners (often using the SDK).

  • Our niche industry focus, expertise, and thought leadership in shared media experiences.

  • Our approach, risk appetite, partnership, and business model.

We bring a depth of knowledge and a one-of-a-kind toolkit that’s crafted for innovation and efficiency.

Think of us as

Long-term partners

Part of your core engineering team. Like an employee with more flexibility, capacity, and access to deeper pool of knowledge across our entire team.

Not outsourced

If you think of us as ‘outsourced’ or ‘external’ you’re missing an opportunity. We do best when we’re an integral part of your team performing core tasks with daily comms on Slack.

Specialists with a toolbox

Nobody else has our SDK, sample apps, test apps, and other assets we can leverage. Chances are we’ve built something similar before, so we can be multiples more efficient with each hour.

Reduce cost and time to market (TTM)

Any of our services can be integrated into solutions that use our SDK and/or pre-existing source code. This can help reduce hours and TTM.

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